Kim McGhee’s Ease Into Vegan™️ Cookbook – The 80/20 Approach to Plant Based Living (limited edition hardcopy)

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Calling all food lovers who are trying to lose weight!
Did you know that 9 out of 10 people who try to lose weight fail to do so because they are being sabotaged by their own food choices?
People often feel overwhelmed and confused about which foods are healthy. As a result, they keep falling back into unhealthy food habits, which can lead to increased risk of chronic conditions such as of diabetes, heart disease, obesity and even death.
Lucky for us, Kim McGhee has the perfect solution. Kim turned to a vegan-esque diet when she and her family were facing their own chronic illnesses. By leveraging the benefits of a plant-based diet, she and her family have more energy, increased mental clarity and achieved an overall healthier lifestyle.
Now, Kim is on a mission to help one person at a time ease into a plant-based lifestyle and that does NOT mean you have to give up great tasting foods.
She helps people to eat healthier by improving their diet, and “EASE INTO VEGAN” …without giving up the taste of the foods they love.  She has compiled this cookbook with over 100 super-delicious plant-based recipes that are organic, better for you and budget friendly.
Kim says it best: “I help introduce the vegan-curious ease into a more plant-based lifestyle with no judgement and deliciously satisfying meals, even for the most avid meat eaters.”
Now, you can make her amazingly flavorful recipes in your kitchen.
So, if you are a meat eater, new to a plant-based lifestyle, vegetarian, 80%, 90% or 100% vegan, she’s got you covered. Let her show you how to enjoy vegan food that gets you excited to cook, with all of the health benefits without losing the taste.

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3 reviews for Kim McGhee’s Ease Into Vegan™️ Cookbook – The 80/20 Approach to Plant Based Living (limited edition hardcopy)

  1. LaVictoria

    Love love!!!

  2. Linette

    Looking forward to trying out these recipes

  3. Anthony Mack

    I absolutely love this cook book, i went from not knowing what to cook to having a vast variety of delicious vegan recipes and meals to eat. I will definitely be buying another cook book as a gift, this cookbook is worth every penny.

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