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“My mission is to provide simple and delicious vegan meals from my kitchen to yours.”

About Kim

Hi I’m Kim and welcome to my website! 

I’m a down to earth wife, mom , Pastry Chef and (self-taught, life-taught and trial and error-taught) home chef who personally experienced all the changes that a Whole Foods, plant based/meatless/vegan/vegetarian lifestyle can make to your health, your mood and overall well being. 

After close to 8 years of miscarriages, headaches, migraines, arthritis, asthma, and no energy. Switching to a vegan ~ whole foods plant based diet was the one thing that finally made the difference for me. 

Every week I share the delicious and simple recipes I eat every day that completely changed my life. I love food, like, really love food (I even dream about it) and the best thing I learned after cleaning up my diet is that food tastes its BEST when you cook it simply, yet deliciously with natural whole ingredients. 


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My Story

In addition to these recipes, I create and share helpful free guides, plus tips and tricks that I hope can do the same for you. My mission is to share these simple yet delicious vegan and healthy traditional recipes from my kitchen to yours, filled with love. 

There are dozens of recipes on In The Kitchen With Kim, and you’ll always find lots of fruits, vegetables and other whole foods products in my fridge and pantry. 

What does whole foods mean? It means eating foods in their natural state, with zero or minimal processing, in order to reap their benefits without any harmful effects. That also means that on In The Kitchen With Kim you’ll find:

Recipes focused around fruits and vegetables, with ingredients that enhance them rather than hide them
– A focus on a healthy active lifestyle
– So many delicious options!
– A variety of wholesome ingredients such as healthy fats, grains, plant based flours and sugars, such as coconut sugar, organic cane sugar, dates, maple syrup, agave and sometimes honey!

I believe in living a balanced lifestyle is sort of a trinity, and so I also put focus on exercising and taking care of your mental health. That also means that I don’t want you to feel restricted while in the kitchen or outside of it! Enjoy your vacation, eat your dessert and unplug every now and then. Live your best life!! 

Happy Eating! 


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